Stock options

Stock Options
With ELANA Global Trader you can trade over 640 of the most actively-traded stock options.
With this instrument you can profit from the market insecurity. You can base your strategies on changes in price volatility and profit both from rises and drops.

Benefits of Stock options:

  • When buying options the risk is limited to the size of the premium paid
  • When buying options the potential profit is unlimited
  • The right to exercise the option at any moment before expiry
  • Speculative trading is possible
  • Possibility to profit both from rises and drops and from lack of change in the stock price
  • No fees for keeping the position open for more than 1 day
  • Traded on exchanges
  • American and European style
  • Hedging
  • Automatic exercise on expiry
  • Low commissions based only on the volume traded
  • Potential maximum loss known in advance

Trading conditions

Find more information under Options Trading Conditions

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