FAQ: ELANA Global Trader (web version)

Once you have logged in EGT you can click on the top right corner and you will be able to customize the following settings:

  • Platform settings (automatic logout, show orders, modify password, etc.)
  • Regional settings (language, time zone, region)
  • Trading products
  • Notifications (pop-up alert and email alert)
  • Help
  • Contact info


Go to globaltrader.elana.net in the Chrome browser on your Android device, log in to your account and upon arriving on the “account summary” page, follow these steps:

Selecting the Settings icon will bring up a menu enabling the platform to be installed as an App by selecting “Add to home screen”.

It is best if you “Add to homescreen” only after logging into the account, in this way you will get a true “Web-App” installed, where the address field of the browser is not visible after launching from the homescreen.

Delayed Prices
Delayed prices are shown free-of-charge in the trading platforms for all exchange-traded instruments such as Stocks, Stock CFDs, Futures and Bonds. Delayed prices are typically 15- or 20-minute delayed (depending on the exchange) and are usually denoted with a Delayed icon

Live prices
Live (non-delayed) prices require a paid subscription to the exchanges you want to receive live prices from. Live prices are usually denoted with a Live icon.

Setting up subscriptions to these exchanges is quick and easy, and the subscription fees will be debited from your account on a monthly basis.
To subscribe to live prices in ELANA Global Trader select Account > Subscriptions

The FX Option Board is available on the desktop version of ELANA Global Trader, and will soon be introduced on the web version, where FX Options are tradable from the trade ticket:

ELANA Global Trader allows you to navigate on standard Watchlists by clicking on the bottom as the image below:

In order to create your personal Watchlists click on the name of the current Watchlists and select new list as the image below:

Then a new tab will be open and you will be able to Add Instruments, Rename and modify the Layout as the image below:
Note: if you remove one instrument from a standard Watchlists, the system will automatically save a new Watchlist without the removed instrument.


The first time you logged into ELANA Global Trader you were prompted to select the products you wanted to trade on the platform. The reason you can’t see some products is probably because you didn’t click all the products.

It’s easy to add the missing products, just go to Settings > Trading Products

You can manage rules for what should be visible in the Orders view by going to Settings >Platform Settings > Display rules for orders list.

With ELANA Global Trader you can display 4 charts at the same time on your computer, 2 charts if you are on a Tablet and 1 chart on your smartphone.
This image shows the Charts view on a computer, where you also can:

  • Get the 4 charts on full screen
  • Expand one of the charts to the whole chart area.


Our platform allows you to search over 30 000 instruments by simply inserting the name of the stock, FX cross or financial instrument that you are looking for. The platform will suggest you the popular searches as shown in the image below:

The ELANA Global Trader web platform has been tested and is officially supported in the following browsers on the following OSs:

Device type Operating systems Browsers
PC Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11+
Mozilla Firefox 45+
Google Chrome 44+
Microsoft Edge 38+
MAC OSX 10.11+ Safari (newest)
Chrome (newest)
ChromeBook Chrome OS version 44+ Google Chrome 44+
Linux PC (Ubuntu) Linux Google Chrome 44+
FireFox NOT supported
Tablet iOS9+
Android 4.1+
Safari 10
Google Chrome 48+
Microsoft Edge 38+
Smartphone iPhone – iOS9
Android 4.1+
Safari 10
Google Chrome 48+
BB Browser

To change the language go to Settings -> Regional Seettings -> Language -> Apply.

If you wish to receive live prices for a particular instrument and need to check which exchange you should subscribe to, you can enter the name or ticker of the instrument into Find instrument” (1) in the “Trading” tab. The tradable instrument will appear in the Overview (2) where you can see the exchange on which it is traded (3). Furthermore, this information is available in the following platform modules:

  • Watchlist
  • Trade Ticket
  • Account (6) -> Trading Conditions (7)


The platform communicates with many servers in order to display different information (Prices, Charts etc.). In some cases, your local settings can block parts of the trading platform from communicating with one or more of those, causing the problems you are experiencing.

1. Configure Safari Network:

  • Clear History:
    Go to Settings > Safari > Tap Clear history and Website Data
  • Allow Cookies:
    Go to Settings > Safari > scroll down to Privacy & Security>set Block Cookies on Always Allow

2. Enable Java

  • Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > JavaScript and turn it On

3. Turn off and restart the Iphone/Ipad
4. Remember to accept updates when available

If the problem persists, please provide us with a screenshot of the error, which you can send at globaltrader@elana.net . In order to take a screenshot on your iPhone/iPad, press and hold the On/Off/Lock (Sleep/Wake) button on the top or right of your Iphone/Ipad then immediately press and release the Home button. You can find the screenshot in your Photos app. Open Photos, select the picture and send it.

In order to solve connectivity issues and improve the SaxoTraderGO performance on your MAC, please follow below instructions. The guide is focused on the 3 browsers we support, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

Open your Firefox browser

Enable Cookies from Saxo
On the Menu Bar select Firefox
Go to Preferences > Privacy > History section > Use custom settings for history
Under the Cookies section – place a check next to Accept > Cookies from sites and click on Exceptions… button and add as allowed site on the list of exceptions the following addresses:

Activate Java Plugin
On the Menu Bar select Tools > Add-ons
1. Click on the “Plugins” option.
2. Locate the “Java Applet” plugin and click on the “Always activate” button to enable the plugin.
3. Now completely close Firefox.
The issue should now be fixed after restarting Firefox.


Open your Safari browser
Select Safari on the Menu bar

Go to Preferences
Select Security from the list of options at the top of Preferences window
In the Web content check options Enable plugins, Enable Java and Enable Java Script
Select Privacy – in the Cookies and website data select Always allow
Close the window

Go back to Safari on the Menu Bar
Select Clear History and Website Data-Clear all history-and confirm your choice by clicking on Clear history.
Now close Safari, reopen it and login to your account.


Open Google Chrome
Click on Chrome on your menu bar
Preferences > Settings > Show advanced settings(on the bottom of the page):

Allow Java Script and Cookies
Go to content settings > Java script > Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)
Still in content settings > Cookies > Allow local data to be set(recommended)
Click on Done to close the window

Delete Browsing History and Cookies
– Click on Chrome > Select clear browsing data > select the requested time frame (we recommend the beginning of time)
– Select Browsing history > Cached images and files > Cookies and other site and plug-in data
Click on Clear browsing data

Now close Google Chrome, reopen it and login to your account.

If the above does not solve your problem, please contact Service Center and provide exact details of the error seen (including a screenshot when possible).