Contracts for difference (CFD) are a financial instruments which tracks the movement of the price of different types of assets. These derivatives offer the opportunity to profit from price rises or falls without the need to actually own the specific financial asset on which they are based. You can profit from the movements in the prices of foreign shares, indices and commodities without actually buying or selling them and by investing much less then you need to invest if you buy the actual stocks or commodities.

Benefits of CFD Trading:

  • Over 8000 CFD
  • Opportunity to sell short
  • Margin requirement of 5%

With ELANA Global Trader you have the opportunity to trade four main types of CFD:

Single Stock CFDs

Single Stock CFDs
Trade Apple, Google, BMW and 8800+ companies on more than 20 exchanges

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Index Tracker CFDs

Index Tracker CFDs
Trade 29 benchmark indices without commissions, with small margin and small spread.

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Commodity CFDs

CFD върху суровини
Trade energy commodities, agricultural goods, metals and others, in small volumes and commission free.

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Government Bond CFDs

CFD върху държавни облигации
Trade with Italian, French and German government bonds with small margin, small spread and commission free.

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Trading conditions

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