Price Signal

You want to invest in the financial markets, but it is difficult for you to take the first step?

No problem! All you need is to catch a trend!

How to find it?

Price Signal will help you!

What is Price Signal?

Price Signal helps you trade. Every day Price Signal gives you signals to buy or sell stocks, as well as the potential return you can expect in a given period of time!

Sounds complicated?

It’s actually super simple! Price Signal tells you when, what and at what price to buy or sell and what profit for what period you may realize.

But how does Price Signal do it?

Price Signal is a software algorithm that tracks the historical performance of US companies in the S&P 500 index. The algorithm explores current events and compares them vs the same events which happened in the past, calculating the probability that the same historical return could be achieved in some future period.

Can you always count on Price Signal?

The signals that Price Signal gives have been tested many times under different market conditions! To reduce the chance of loss, we advise you to enter positions following one key rule!

What is it?

We advise you to enter positions only when the markets are relatively calm and there are no unusual and sharp collapses caused by “unpredictable” events. Yes, it may sound complicated, but it’s not really that complicated.

The new Price Signal proposals

Stock (Symbol) Signal Date Up/Down Target Return Max. Close Date Open Price Target price
Home Depot Inc. (The) (HD) 2021/04/15 UP 2.92% 2021/05/26 Market open @16:30
Apple Inc. (AAPL) 2021/04/15 UP 3.29% 2021/05/11 Market open @16:30
JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM) 2021/04/15 UP 3.90% 2021/05/10 Market open @16:30
Macquarie Infrastructure Co (MIC) 2021/04/15 UP 3.55% 2021/05/27 Market open @16:30
Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC) 2021/04/15 UP 2.00% 2021/05/27 Market open @16:30
Electronic Arts Inc (EA) 2021/04/15 UP 3.71% 2021/05/17 Market open @16:30
Nike Inc. (NKE) 2021/04/14 UP 5.45% 2021/05/26 133 140.25
Danaher Corporation (DHR) 2021/04/14 UP 2.24% 2021/05/25 238.01 243.34
Portland General Electric Co (POR) 2021/04/14 UP 1.64% 2021/05/24 49.65 50.46
Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) 2021/04/14 UP 3.87% 2021/05/26 1527 1586.09

The past performance of all generated signals can be seen here:

Price Signal (.xlsx)

Disclaimer: Information in this document should not be regarded as an offer to buy or sell any financial instruments. The investment possibilities discussed in this document may not be suitable for certain investors depending on their specific investment objectives and time horizon or in the context of their overall financial situation. In particular, the risks associated with an investment in the securities or the financial instruments under discussion are not explained in its entirety.