The future contract is a standardized contract which is traded on a futures exchange for buying and selling a specific underlying instrument with a delivery on a specified future date at a specific price.

Benefits of future contract

  • Trade over 200 contracts
  • Small spreads and flexible commissions based on the monthly traded volume
  • Futures are traded on a regulated market which guarantees higher transparency of the prices and the deal execution.
  • A variety of instruments on the futures markets:
    • Metals – gold, silver, copper, etc.
    • Energy commodities – oil, natural gas, etc.
    • Agricultural goods – wheat, corn, coffee, cocoa, etc.
    • Financial instruments – stock market indices, currency crosses, bonds
  • Placing long and short term positions
  • Ability to hedge positions through exchange-traded options on futures
  • Ability to trade with the calendar spread
  • Market depth – a look at the market depth

Trading conditions

Find more information under Futures Trading Conditions

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