FAQ: Technical issues

The Failed to load the login page error message indicates that you are unable to reach the login page of ELANA Global Trader.
Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you don’t have a firewall or other security software on your PC or network which blocks access to the login pages:
    Live: live.logonvalidation.net
    Simulation: sim.logonvalidation.net
  2. If you are using a proxy server, make sure it is properly set up – refer to this article and list of addresses which need to be added to your proxy setup to allow for both incoming and outgoing communications.
  3. Make sure you have Internet Explorer 8 or later installed – an error message will say “Internet Explorer is older than the minimum required version (IE8). Please upgrade to the latest available version.”
  4. Try Windows network troubleshooting
    Right-click on the network icon in the Windows task bar, and choose “Troubleshoot problems” and follow the steps.
  5. Verify that you have the correct registry settings as described in this article.
  6. Advanced troubleshooting steps can be found in the following article.

ELANA Global Trader communicates with a set of remote servers in order to function properly.
Please find below the list of addresses and ports which may need to be added to your firewall/proxy setup to allow for outgoing communications on ports 1001, 443 and 80.
Core services: | Authentication Server (SIM) (sim.logonvalidation.net) | Authentication Server (LIVE) (live.logonvalidation.net)
mitssimul.iitech.dk:1001/443 | Trade Server (SIM)
mitslive.iitech.dk:1001/443 | Trade Server (LIVE)
mitsweb.iitech.dk:443 | Updates/Web reports

Additional services: | Charts (cf-charts.iitech.dk) | News (iitechnews.acquiremedia.com) | Price Alert Server (LIVE) (palive.iitech.dk) | Price Alert Server (SIM) (pasim.iitech.dk)* | TradeMaker/Webconnect (LIVE) (www.onlinewebconnect.com)* | TradeMaker/Webconnect (SIM) (sim.onlinewebconnect.com) | Help pages (help.iitech.dk) | Equity Research/Stock Screener (services.iitech.dk) | Financial Calendar/Trading Floor (www.tradingfloor.com) | Technical Analysis Tool (site.recognia.com)* | www.saxobank.com* | www.saxobank.com
As a minimum requirement, in order to fully utilize the trading application, port 443 and port 80 need to be open for HTTPS and HTTP traffic respectively, to the servers listed above.

We also recommend that you clear the cache of your proxy to ensure that it is using the latest details.

Most users will not need to make any changes to their Network Environment for ELANA Global Trader to run optimally – typically, users behind a corporate firewall could be required to make changes in their network environment.

The platform communicates with many servers in order to display the different information (Prices, Charts, Chat etc.). In some cases, your local security settings will block parts of the trading platform from communicating with one or more of these, and this causes the problems you are seeing.
Please follow the instructions below to allow the platform to reach the required servers (those settings are for IE7 or above, but can also be applied to Firefox, Safari, Chrome):

  1. Delete Temporary Internet Files Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options
  2. On the General tab press Delete… under Browsing history:
  3. Now chose to delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and press Delete:

If you are still having problems, try to add Trusted Sites.

  1. Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > navigate to the Security tab > highlight Trusted Sites and press Sites:
  2. Remove the tick from “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone”. Then add following addresses by typing them under Add this website to the zone:
  3. Each time after you type an address, press Add. The address should then appear in the white space below, which means it has been successfully added to the Trusted Sites list
  4. After adding these addresses to Trusted Sites, Internet Explorer 8’s window should look like that:
  5. Restart your browser. If account summary still does not work try to Reset Internet Explorer:
    • go to Tools > Internet Option > Advanced > press Reset…
    • And press Reset once more (note it is not necessary to delete personal settings).
    • Now restart Internet Explorer.

The application communicates with a set of remote servers in order to function properly. As a minimum requirement, in order to fully utilize ELANA Global Trader, port 80 and port 443 need to be open for HTTP and HTTPS traffic respectively, to several servers. Best performance is achieved if port 1001 is also open for TLS traffic to mitslive.iitech.dk (and mitssimul.iitech.dk if using the Simulation environment).
For users relying on HTTP or HTTPS through a proxy server, the trading application provides the following options:

  • Auto detect proxy settings (Windows settings)
  • Use a specific proxy server (application specific settings)

When using a specific proxy server, the application also gives the possibility to specify corresponding server address information and authentication settings for the proxy. Most users will not need to make any changes to their Network Environment for the application to run optimally – typically, users behind a corporate firewall could be required to make changes in their network environment.

If you are getting following error message: “… Auto-Detection failed”, please make sure you are connected to the Internet and that your Firewall/Antivirus is not blocking our platform. We strongly recommend you to add ELANA Global Trader to the firewall’s allowed programs list.
Otherwise, please try to change connection settings of our Trading platform:

  1. At the login screen of the Trader, click on the blue link “Change connection settings”
  2. Under the Protocol option you probably have by default “Auto detect”. Please try following available options: TCP with TLS Security or HTTPS with SSL security and click OK. Now try to login and check if the problem is solved. If not go back to Point 1 and 2 to try the next Protocol option:
  3. If changing the Protocol has not solved the issue, please delete Internet Temporary files in Internet Explorer (Tools>Internet Options>Delete>Temporary Internet Files).

You get an Invalid login or Password error, or, the error code: 0x80040009. The most common reasons are:

  • The login ID is wrong or not valid. Please make sure you are typing the correct ID.
  • The password is wrong or expired. Please type the password carefully. Make sure that the Caps Lock key on your keyboard is not on. If the problem persists, contact us on 02/8100095 to generate a new password.
  • Our platforms have a Live and Simulation version and you might be on the wrong server. The image below shows where to check that and how to switch version on ELANA Global Trader”

In order to install and run ELANA Global Trader (desktop) on multiple computers, each PC must have the same Security Key installed. Please find following a guide on how to do this:

    1. Login to your 1st PC
    2. Go to the File Menu (upper left-hand)> then click Options…
    3. Select Key Management tab > then click on Backup Key button.
    4. Select a location to save the key by clicking the browse button. We recommend that you save the key to a USB memory stick or other transportable media. You can also send the files to yourself via Email, and later save them on your second computer. Once you have selected the location, click OK and Next.
    5. You will then be asked to provide a password to protect the key, the password must be at least 4 digits. This password is only used for the key and has nothing to do with your account password. You will need to remember this password when loading the key later > Once done click Next
    6. You should then see the below confirmation, saying that the key was successfully saved.
    7. Close ELANA Global Trader and take the copy (USB Memory Card or other transportable media) with you to your 2nd PC.
    1. Install ELANA Global Trader
    2. Once installed, login with your normal User ID and Password.
    3. You will then be asked to either generate a new key or import a backup key > Click OK
    4. From the options shown, click the Load backup key button
    5. Browse to the location or folder where you have saved the key (Eg. USB memory card). Once selected click Next.
    6. Enter the password you chose earlier in step 1. e)
    7. You should then receive confirmation that the key was successfully restored, click OK.
    8. Login with your User ID and Password.

You can now use either PC to login to your account with the ELANA Global Trader platform. You can also load the key onto as many PC’s as you wish by repeating the above load process.

If you get the error message below when you login to our platform
Do the following:

  1. Make sure your Internet connection is working normally. Open your browser try to visit any website, possibly one you don’t have in your recent navigation history to see if it loads without any problems.
  2. Check the connection settings following the instructions available under “Trouble logging in to ELANA Global Trader” for the desktop version.
  3. Reboot the router. Some routers have a switch off/on power button, but most often you will have to simply unplug the power cable for about 20 seconds. After that it might take a couple of minutes for the connection to be re-established. Now please try again to login.
  4. Make sure the Firewall/Antivirus have our platform included in the trusted applications.

You get this message when you are trying to login into the application.
If you have been using the platform on this machine without problems until now, it is most probably a temporary connectivity issue. Wait for a few minutes and restart the application. If the problem persists, please contact us.
First check that you are connected to the Internet. Open your browser and go to any website to see if it loads without any problems. Try different pages and if you think your Internet is fine please see the section “The Trade Server could not be reached”.

The Platform communicates with many servers in order to display the different information (Prices, Charts, Chat etc. all have different servers). In some cases, your local security settings will block parts of the trading platform from communicating with one or more of these, and this causes the problems you are seeing.

  • Please, follow the instructions under “Problems accessing Account Summary, Charts and other ELANA Global Trader modules” in order to allow all ELANA Global Trader modules to access the corresponding server.
  • If you see the following error message: “Error Assessing Content” please see “Error Accessing Content”

You may get the message “Error Accessing Content” on the Account Summary or other modules on ELANA Global Trader.
From the Start button, go to Control Panel and find the Internet Options menu. You can also find the menu directly from an Internet Explorer page from the Tools icon.
Once in the Internet Options window, find the tab Advanced and in the list of Settings, find the group Security and tick the boxes next to Use TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
Click on Apply and OK. Close your browsers and restart the platform.

Go to START and type uninstall in the look up field. You will see a list of all programs installed on your computer.
Find and choose ELANA Global Trader and press Uninstall.

If you get this error message while installing ELANA Global Trader on your computer, please make sure you are currently using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 or higher.